About Karen Montanaro

Language Coach. Professeur de langues. Profesora de idiomas


Linguist. Tutor. Language Coach.

I have a huge passion for languages – and there’s nothing more satisfying than communicating that passion to learners.

For 9 years I lived and worked in Paris, and I’ve also lived in Madrid and Murcia. So when you learn French or Spanish in Blackpool with me, you learn the living, practical language you can really put to use on your travels, in your life, or in your work.

If you want to learn French or Spanish in Blackpool, I’m 100% committed to helping you. Get in touch with me now.

Karen Montanaro, Blackpool Spanish and French Language Coach

"Karen is a lovely lady and structures each lesson to the way we wish to learn. It was nice to find out she has a fabulous discount for my husband and I learning together.

She is letting us choose the pace and providing sheets of the sessions for revision if we want to revise at home. Fab, fab, fab!"


“As well as having four years experience giving group lessons to adults, I also run the Spanish kids club and have experience of volunteering in a primary school as well as assisting teenagers in the preparation of their examiniations.

I am also DBS (CRB) verified.”

Karen Montonaro – French, Spanish & English Tutor
BA (Hons) in European Business Administration & Languages
Member of the Institute of Linguists


It’s never too early to start learning a new language. And the earlier you begin, the more it becomes an ingrained, natural part of your life.

By giving your children private Spanish or French lessons in Blackpool, you could be doing far more than raising them to be bilingual. You could be giving them a head start in terms of career choices, lifestyle and social development too.

“Hang on a minute,” you might think, “my child can’t speak English yet!” That may be true, but that doesn’t stop you speaking to them and interacting with them, does it? My husband is Maltese and whenever we visit the island I never cease to be amazed at how the children there are totally bilingual. Why? Because the parents speak to them naturally in both Maltese and English from day one.

Ongoing private Spanish or French tuition in Blackpool can give your child a hugely valuable advantage that can keep rewarding them for the rest of their lives.

Girl learning French Spanish and English
French Spanish and English lessons by Karen Montanaro Language Coach


I want my child to be bilingual, but I don’t speak Spanish or French. Is that a problem?

It doesn’t have to be. In between your child’s regular French or Spanish lessons in Blackpool with me, pop a French or Spanish CD on in the background while your child is playing. Give them bilingual children’s books. Or switch on a French or Spanish radio or TV station (you’ll find lots of access to them online) to help your child get used to the rhythm and sounds of the language, and build their vocabulary.

So, it’s never too late to teach your child a language!


I started learning the piano in my 30s. Not only did that give me a real passion for the instrument; it also improved my mathematical capabilities.

You’ll find the same sort of wider benefits in learning a language. Take Spanish or French classes in Blackpool and stimulate the grey matter in a practical, useful way.

It’s a way that can help you survive and interact in another culture. That can be particularly valuable if you’re thinking of retiring to France or Spain. Learning the language will not only enable you settle in and communicate with the locals. It will help you form a new circle of friends, and my students often tell me how much it has increased their general self-confidence.

So, learning a language can be fun and beneficial whatever your age!

Father and daughter learning French Spanish and English
French Spanish and English lessons by Karen Montanaro Language Coach


Learn French or Spanish in Blackpool with me, and you learn from someone with the following qualifications:

•  BA (Hons) in European Business Administration & Languages

•  CTLLS (Certificate in Teaching in the Life-Long Learning Sector

•  Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Trinity CertTESOL)

•  Member of the Institute of Linguists

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