1 to 1 & Group Spanish & French Lessons


It doesn’t matter when you start learning a new language. But great things happen when you do.

Something wonderful happens when you’re able to speak another language. Your holiday features more smiles from the locals, less confusion over the menu, and is a richer, deeper experience. Your career enjoys greater scope and freedom. Living abroad becomes a possibility rather than a pipe dream.

And when your child learns Spanish or French at an early age, they benefit academically, socially and developmentally.

Discounts for couples and groups
Girl reading her French exercise book


1:1 private French or Spanish lessons in Fleetwood could help you make faster progress.

Everyone has a different favoured way of learning. It’s why my Fleetwood French and Spanish classes cater for individual and group learning.

The beauty of 1:1 tutoring is that it enables me to precisely tailor what you learn and how you learn it. When you are the only student, we can move at your pace and cover the topics that will make the greatest difference to you. Which can often mean you learn faster.


Spread the learning – and spread the cost!

Learning should be fun. My group sessions ensure it is. Learning Spanish or French in Fleetwood as part of a group means you can help and encourage each other and grow confidence together. It means we can use language games as a great, fun way of learning. And when you learn as a group, you pay group rates, which saves each of you money.

There’s lots of flexibility over when you choose to learn. I’ll even visit your workplace during lunch so there’s no problem in getting everyone together.

Young girl learning Spanish with her dad
Family learning French together at table


Learn Spanish or French in Fleetwood and who knows where it could take you…

Learning any language brings its rewards, but that’s especially true of French and Spanish. In addition to France, French is spoken in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. It’s the language of many Caribbean islands, and the dominant language in African countries from Ivory Coast to Cameroon, Burkina Faso to Burundi.

Spanish is the first language of much of South America, and of 40 million people in the USA. So learning Spanish or French in Fleetwood can help you communicate with the world.