A bilingual child enjoys advantages at school and in life. It’s never too early to start, and you don’t have to speak Spanish or French yourself for your child to benefit.

It’s tempting to feel lucky that much of the rest of the world speaks English. But actually, I think we’re at a disadvantage in not having quite the same incentive to learn other languages as the rest of the world. Learning Spanish or French at an early age can give your child greater freedom and flexibility in terms of lifestyle and career choice. You help their social development and integration. And you help improve their understanding of the world.

Discounts for couples and groups
Girl reading her French exercise book


It’s easy to keep your learning going.

There may not be many opportunities to use Spanish or French in Lytham St Anne’s, but that doesn’t mean you or your child can’t keep what you learn topped up. Private tuition can give you the intensive introduction. Group work can help all the family build skills. And ongoing tutoring can help ingrain learning. And you can keep building on what you learn with apps, CDs and videos that can help embed language skills while you drive, walk, jog or even prepare dinner.


The Spanish or French lessons that come to your Lytham St Anne’s workplace.

“I’d love to learn a language but I just don’t have the time.” I hear that a lot, and that’s why I’ve introduced ‘learn at lunch’ sessions. I’ll come to your workplace, so you can fit language learning into your day without having to travel anywhere or use any time outside work.

Make each session a group one and not only will you be able to help each other learn, you’ll cut the cost compared to individual tutoring!

Young girl learning Spanish with her dad
Family learning French together at table


There are lots of reasons to learn Spanish or French in Lytham St Anne’s with me.

For exams. For work. For holidays. Because you’re considering spending winter in the south of France. Because you want a new challenge. Because your eldest has a French/Spanish partner and you feel you should make an effort to speak their language.

Whatever your reasons, I can help, with learning tailored to you or your group.


Language learning with someone who’s lived and worked in France and Spain.

I’ve spent years living and working in Spain and France. In addition, I have the following qualifications, certifications and memberships, so you know you’re learning with someone properly qualified to teach:


  • BA (Hons) in European Business Administration & Languages
  • CTLLS (Certificate in Teaching in the Life-Long Learning Sector
  • Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Trinity CertTESOL)
  • Member of the Institute of Linguists
Discounts for couples and groups