Spanish & French Lessons in Blackpool


There are lots of reasons why learning French or Spanish in Blackpool as part of a group can be beneficial – and the group discount is just the beginning!

Learn Spanish or French in Blackpool as part of a group and every class becomes more fun and more social. There’s more chance for peer learning, so you can help each other, and it’s great to be able to build your confidence together.

Perhaps you’re a group of work colleagues looking for your next learning challenge. Perhaps your friends are planning a holiday in Spain or France. Whatever the reason, you’ll find Spanish or French lessons are more fun together. And with discounts for group bookings, you’ll save money too!

Discounts for couples and groups
Girl reading her French exercise book


Choose 1:1 private French or Spanish lessons in Blackpool and you’ll have 100% of my time and attention, so you can progress faster.

Sometimes, learning has to happen fast. Perhaps you’re starting a new job that requires specific language skills. Maybe you’re planning a move overseas, or have a holiday due.

1:1 private French or Spanish tuition in Blackpool means you can learn faster because I can tailor the course to your preferred learning style.


For fun. For confidence. For life and career. For exams.

There’s no ‘right time’ to start learning Spanish or French in Blackpool. And you don’t have to have French or Spanish family to make it something that becomes part of your child’s life from an early age.

Being bilingual can give a child a huge, long-lasting advantage in work and life. It can make them more confident and socially secure. And it can give them the extra edge during important exams.

Young girl learning Spanish with her dad
Family learning French together at table


Let language give you a whole new lease of life.

We’re often told that keeping our minds active is one of the most important elements of getting older, and there are few better ways of doing that in Blackpool than by learning French or Spanish.

There’s a practical benefit to joining my Spanish or French classes in Blackpool too, because if you’re thinking of retiring overseas, knowing the language can help you settle in quicker, make a wider circle of friends, and be more warmly welcomed by the locals.